Torque Luxury Cars

A B2B IPad application built on a cloud-computing platform allowing left hand drive luxury car dealerships to purchase and sell luxury cars to potential clients worldwide in Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, India, and Pakistan. Potential buyers can search through a range of luxury cars with supporting information, detailed specifications, photographs, video, and the owners contact details, and can also receive push notifications directly to their IPad, to alert them of the availability of a specific car model that has become available in the market. Dealerships can inspect and view cars, directly recording details, such as model, color, mileage, body type, engine size, year, accessories into pre-defined entry fields, and upload photographs and video information of the cars interior, exterior through the IPad’s built in camera, with all information automatically being uploaded into a data base.

Login/Password Protected
Search Features
List of Cars with supporting Specifications, Photographs and Video
Contact Information
Up-loadable Photography
Up-loadable Video
Predefined Information and Specification Fields
Push Notifications
Supporting CMS System

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